6 REASONS WHY- You need to develop FaaS-ter!

develop faaster

If you already have an app (web, mobile, Iot) for your enterprise or even if you’re thinking to build one- to all your development questions, Feature-as-a-Service is the answer.

Gone are the days when you would spend months and months on coding to build and maintain an app. With the boom in technology, everyone is running after the easier means to all ends. It’s time for you to catch the early bus to an amazing technology FaaS.

Here we give you the best reasons why you cannot deny to take the FaaS-ter way of App Development-

  1. You could beat the clock– Take the burden off your development team’s shoulders and save more than 50% of the app development time.
  2. Scale like a Pro- Just imagine when your app hits the market and you get customers 5 times more than you had initially expected. Woah! FaaS will not let you down and will be very easy to scale up.
  3. Stay Ahead of The Game- Now it’s time for you to play your FaaS-trump card when your competitors would still be wondering what to do what not to. You’ll be away ahead of the other players in the market.
  4. Focus on your Focus- Doors to innovation open when you get to focus more on your core business logic
  5. Hassle free maintenance- Drive away all your fears and worries because the maintenance is also taken care of by FaaS
  1. You’re just an API call away- All you have to do is just integrate the API and Voila! There you are leading the market and giving your users the best ever experience they could get.

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up with us and see the results in just a click.

Have you met FaaS yet?

Feature as a service

FaaS is the new buddy of all developers out there.

With this wave of technological evolution, FaaS has cut down the extra hours which developers used to spend earlier, in order to code and create everything from scratch while building an app.

If you are a developer, you would very well know how much time and efforts do you have to devote to develop the backend of any application, right?

So what exactly is this magic wand FaaS?

FaaS is the that mind-blowing architechture that you’re going to know about, right here. Feature-as-a-Service is a category of cloud computing services which you could relate to with the toppings in Subway. You get to select from a number of toppings to make your Sub delicious and to your taste. In a similar way, using FaaS,  you could select the features you need to integrate to your app to give your users the best experience they’ve ever had. You can build a great app without taking the pains of coding there features from scratch.


All you need to do is use the APIs we offer. Now what again is an API? In simple terms, an API is just like the waiter who takes an order from you, a customer and requests it at the kitchen. API is the waiter who functions between the customer and the kitchen, taking requests and delivering them.

So using FaaS, just use the APIs you need and build your app which would turn out to be the best when your imagination will meet innovation, while your services are being taken care of by the FaaS provider. It’s only the FaaS solution which gives you the flexibility and freedom to make the app you want with the skills you already have.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a new app or having a legacy one. FaaS serves it all. Moreover, it makes the process easier when you think of scaling your business. FaaS makes the transition easier.


So no matter which industry you are from, FaaS is the one stop solution for all your app requirements. Hit the market soon in a FaaSter way and then you see it would be the best buddy you’ve ever had!

Don’t Re-invent . Innovate.

One of the biggest pain-ponts a tech enabled wanna-be startup founder faces is turning his/her idea in to a MVP(Minimum Viable Product). Earlier these issues were due to infrastructure availability and cost, however some of blessed souls(read amazon, google, heroku etc) have solved this problem to a great extent. I mean think of AWS, you have a application ready and you want it to introduce to the world, create an account at AWS, choose infrastructure environment of your choice/fit, its a matter of few minutes, you app is deployed. You get all the required infrastructure support at your service. And you pay as you use.

So basically you aren’t building and owning it, you have just rented it.

Now think from application development point of view, there any many basic building blocks, which every application uses, other then their core business logic. So what you do, you have to first build those basic blocks, and then integrate it with your core business logic. It delays things and involves huge costs, sometimes idea dies mid-way.

What if you don’t have to build them, they are just available off the shelf, you just need to plugin and use, as needed. You just concentrate on you core business logic. It’s like a buffet of vital micro services at your disposal.

What you get now is,

-You can cut-short your product development time by 75%.

-You aren’t reinventing the wheel, you are focusing on the engine of vehicle that uses these wheels.

-Your Go-To-Market time is minimized to the least.

-It’s cost effective, you get early feedback, you can validate or pivot your idea early on, if needed.

-It’s a solution, that fits for all, be it developers or enterprises.

If all this sounds too good to be true, then stay tuned, a friend of mine Ashwin is already up to this mission, soon you will hear some existing news from him.

Get this article by Mr. Rajat Dwivedi  on LinkedIn here.

What if you could cut down your product development time by 75%?

Whether you are a big corporate / a budding startup / a college student and planning to write a new age flashy product that could solve the next big problem for the masses – you always need to start from the very basics. You have you business idea, the innovation factor, the GTM strategy and lot more important things to be done; but first and foremost you need to build that product.

What if a startup just lets you cut short your entire development time by nearly 75% or even more? What if you just get to concentrate on innovation and business alone? That’s going to be a reality because someone has spent many sleepless nights, long days and many weekends with his team trying to make every developer’s dream come true.

Ashwin has been good friend, mentor and one of the most talented engineers I’ve ever met in my life. We worked together at BlueJeans India Pvt. Ltd. for a good 3 years together. Recently while we were just catching up over a call, I came to know about where he had been hiding for last 5 months or so and I am not at all amazed when I got to hear about his startup. While I have just started digging up into this product offering, it seems very promising and desirable for every other company/product I can think of.

Will keep you guys posted as and when I get to play with the beta offering. Eagerly waiting for him to reveal his startup and the product in the market! Good luck Aswin.


Your could check out this article by Mr. Vidit Sinha  on LinkedIn here.

Spend Your Time and Money Wisely

time and money

Among the many Words Of Wisdom, one of them always stood out and is applicable to all; to a single person living on his own to a big nation like India and the likewise. And, it goes like this

“Spend your time and money wisely”

Though almost everyone has been taught this and know this, when it comes to application of this, many people falter and more so when it comes to building complex connected applications. To a large extent, wise spending of money and time by the U.S involved off-shoring work to countries like India and Philippines, when it comes to software or support. And, similar delegation can be found in other industries in India and rest of the world. Even then, quite a lot of non-core technical/technological pieces had to be managed by everyone, web-server, email server, network maintenance, hardware maintenance etc. This again is a costly(read un-wise) and sometimes, perhaps painful affair. Then came the AWS, Azure etc., to ease/balm the pain. This was a big gain for the industry to harness the expertise and the scale brought by these platforms, thus reducing the money spent for the hardware and the maintenance and more so because of the ability to scale on demand.

Though harnessing the services offered by AWS, Azure and the likewise was a wise move, there are still quite a bit of pieces which are dragging the aspiring, budding, entrepreneurs/technologists when it comes to building connected, multi-dimensional mobile and web-apps. For example, any non-trivial connected web/mobile application, involves a lot of necessary, non-core pieces(read login service, user management, file storage service, chat service, push notification service to name a few) to be built to implement any core idea which forms a given company’s shiny product. And, lately this is a big need of the hour, in the market where people are willing to take risks and try out ideas in not just U.S but in India as well. If someone gives all these features in a scalable, easily integrate-able, and economical fashion as a bunch of Feature-As-A-Service(FaaS), it would be switching from riding a cycle to riding a turbo powered machine. Companies don’t have to spend either the money or the time to implement and maintain these non-core services to either validate a product and do a course-correction or to release a full-fledged application/product to the market in a short time. Using such FaaS, would also mean very less human resource to focus on the core of the product and fine tune to perfection than to spend the money and energy to develop and maintain rest of the scaffolding. If the FaaS provider takes care of scale, analytics and any other necessary things, one can spend the money and the energy/time on Innovation than on the building and maintaining the scaffolding. That, definitely can be called “Spending your time and money wisely”.

If you think, this is a good idea, but, wonder who’s there who can take away this scaffolding pain, then I have news for you. My friend and ex-colleague Ashwin has built just such a FaaS, which, as I heard last, should be out any time now. If you are more interested, and get in touch with the founders on their page.


Article courtesy- Mr. Naveena V

Read this article on LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/spend-your-time-money-wisely-naveena-v/